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We’re talking about a revolution

Field services profoundly impact society, so why has their software lagged so far behind most other industries?

There’s no good answer (other than most companies don’t care enough to innovate), so we set out to create the world’s best field-service software. And we chose pest control as our initial focus because it’s public health’s backbone and affects so many people.

Our mission is to move your business light years ahead

We deliver astonishing software, content, and support services that leapfrog status quo pest-control systems and help pest-control companies: delight customers with personalized, effective experiences; motivate customers to sign up for preventive services; eliminate unnecessary operating costs and minimize the rest; grow revenues per employee; leverage the internet of things (IoT); own, manage, and mine their data; and recruit, train, and motivate technicians.

Like you, we’re experts in our field

40grid is a team of business pros and technology virtuosos. Some of us worked at the world’s biggest software companies (Google, IBM’s Watson, and Salesforce) while others built businesses from the ground up. Each of us is expert at our craft and has extensive experience with delivering sophisticated, enterprise software and beautiful, ergonomic user experiences.

We’re breaking new ground so you can, too

We did our research and learned from businesses just like yours. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with some of the most innovative US pest-control companies to learn about the issues you need solved and how to make your business run smoother. And we used that education to create game-changing pest-control software that leverages the most advanced technology. 40grid integrates so seamlessly with our customers’ businesses… that they can’t imagine life before it.

Whatever size your business is, we support you. Family businesses included.

We know the dedication and hard work it takes to build a business from scratch, and we have a soft spot for family businesses. 40grid helps pest-control companies like yours establish effective, repeatable operating processes that evolve as companies pass from generation to generation. And 40grid can sizably improve your company’s value should you or the next generation decide to sell it.

We aren’t just a vendor. We’ll be your partner

At 40grid, we want you to be as happy with our extraordinary customer service as you are with our amazing software. Our dedicated customer-service staff will be at your side every step of the way: through your onboarding experience and throughout production so you get the most value from 40grid. You know those vendors who sell products and conveniently forget you? Well… 40grid isn’t one of them!

People like you think we’re great

“Our last software vendor took forever to fix problems — and there were many! We’ve had no problems with 40grid. Plus, their customer service team responds in minutes (not hours, days, or weeks) and spends as much time as we need to answer our questions.

— President and owner: one of New England’s oldest and largest pest control companies

“We hated our last pest control system. They nickel and dimed us on every new feature. They even charged us for a backup of OUR OWN data. But we stayed with them for nine years because, until 40grid, nothing was much better. Fortunately, we found 40grid, and it’s taken our business to a level of success we couldn’t have reached with other software.

— CFO: one of the largest, fastest-growing pest control companies in the Southwest

“I’m an owner, field supervisor, and route tech rolled into one. 40grid gives me control of every facet of my business. After decades on old systems that were glorified record keeping solutions, we switched to 40grid because it was the first to check all of our boxes. It’s a real workflow solution that has remade our future.

— President and third-generation owner: Boston-based pest control company