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Obsessed with your success

Our customers love our customer-service team: They’re impressed with our dedication and attention to detail, comforted by our responsiveness, and blown away by how much we care about their success.

We don’t outsource

Our customer service associates are available and expert at helping you with 40grid. The only people we let service customers (or write code) are employees who have proven expertise about our products and services.

We’re responsive

At 40grid, we guarantee lightning-fast, concerned responses to your questions and needs (so you don’t languish in a queue). And we spend as much time as you need to resolve issues — the right way on the first try.

We empower you

We know that sometimes you want to solve issues yourself (in fact, 73% of software users prefer to solve issues on their own). So, we built a multi-media library of help materials and practice lessons that teach you how and why to use every 40grid feature.