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Automate Workflows

Let 40GRID’s automated workflows fill your wallet.

Bye-bye, busywork

40grid frees office staff from busy work so they can focus on customer care and sales. And if your administrators are spread thin, they’ll appreciate 40grid even more. 40grid gives them multiple invoicing models; automated invoicing, payment processing, and service reporting; and so much more.

Say hello to automatic service assignments!

Over time, 40grid will learn your customers’ information and needs, will consider how to serve them, and will match them with the right services, schedules and technicians. We designed 40grid to collect a wealth of field-service data that smartly identify customers’ needs and automatically assemble and assign best-practice workflows — for office and field work.

Help your customers help you

Coming soon: 40grid’s automated workflows will assign prescriptive tasks to your partners and customers — even if they don’t have 40grid accounts. 40grid tasks will guide customers through pre-service questionnaires and help them prepare their homes for service visits and do post-service tasks that nip callbacks in the bud.