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Support your team, wherever they go

40grid will become the coworker everyone loves. It streamlines workflows and gives expert guidance to office staff and techs alike. Whether your techs are crouching in crawl spaces or selling to customers, 40grid puts property details and work-simplifying tools at their fingertips.

Decision support wherever your team goes

40grid puts information about individual customers and properties, compliance processes, and best practices in technicians’ hands wherever they go. It empowers them to handle almost any issue — right at the job site.

40grid automation ensures techs do their best work

Eliminate unnecessary clicks, prevent errors, and ensure compliance so techs focus on delivering great service. 40grid: auto-populates data fields with smart recommendations for man-hours, equipment, materials, and more; adds tech signatures and routine notes to service reports; and prevents techs from skipping important steps and leaving-out required information.

Tools and content that turn techs into brand ambassadors

40grid gives technicians confidence to deliver excellent service, educate and build trust with customers — and upsell.