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Standardize Work

40GRID’s easy-to-assemble workflows drive consistent, highest-quality outcomes.

Build standardized workflows with ease

Build step-by-step workflows that help techs deliver the same great service to every customer. Snap task templates together to build any workflow your business needs. 40grid task templates contain digital checklists, instructional videos, GIFS, illustrations, accuracy-boosting data-capture widgets, and anything else you want to add.

Simple enough for technophobes. Flexible enough for every situation

40grid is so intuitive that anyone can use it to assemble masterful, standardized workflows. Plus, you can build workflows that support multiple pricing schemes, warranties, commissions and long-running, recurring tasks.

Our workflows work beyond the field, too

Standardize administrative and managerial processes for maximum efficiency. In 40grid, administrators can build workflows filled with tasks to invoice customers, pay bills, audit inventory, maintain equipment, train new hires and more.