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Slash turnover with motivated, happy employees

40grid helps new employees perform like accomplished pros on day one. They’ll appreciate 40grid’s usability and simplicity — and how it eliminates repetitive daily tasks. The result? Productive, loyal employees doing more fee-generating work!

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Help new hires perform like pros

Use 40grid to put your company’s practices, tips and years of experience in every employee’s hands. New technicians can follow self-guided training to become certified, billable and dependable — fast.

Unburden your technicians

Tradespeople don’t like paperwork or struggling with technology. 40grid delights technicians by making tedious tasks disappear — and freeing their time.

Support all kinds of employees

We get it: it’s really hard to train and motivate employees because people are so different and their learning styles and motivators are, too. Soon, 40grid will let you build personalized training and motivation programs that drive every employee’s best work — on the fly.

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