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Smart weapons

Manage equipment and materials

Smart weapons

Technicians use 40grid to precisely record equipment placements and data that show which devices, materials and application amounts are effective.

Track equipment locations and performance

In 40grid, you can build an inventory of barcoded equipment so techs can deploy, move, inspect, and monitor equipment items with remarkable efficiency. Your techs will be able to quickly home-in on equipment locations, and your office will be able to filter your equipment inventory by tags to find underperforming items or items that need repair. 40grid even helps track equipment stored in vehicles.

Have the right tools and materials for every job

40grid recommends the right equipment and materials for every service, making your techs prepared and more efficient. 40grid tracks days-of-supply (at the UPC level) so techs don’t run out of inventory. They’ll know how to pack their vehicles to support upcoming work — and they’ll love not having to race to the office to grab something they forgot.